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Dr. Gordon is obviously relentless in attending and lecturing at alternative medicine conferences around the world, Dr. Gordon continues his quest to provide health and healthy alternatives to every person on the planet.

“We live in a new age. It is information overload. The old meaning of physician was ‘educator’ and that is largely the role that I feel my staff and I are filling for patients as we attempt to assist them in helping themselves.”

Specialties: Aging – Arthritis – Autism – Alzheimer’s disease – Cancer – Cardiovascular disease – Diabetes – Environmental and Heavy metal toxicity – Lyme disease – Menopause/Andropause – Multiple Sclerosis – Parkinson’s disease and other conditions related to Autoimmune disorders.

Through Gordon Research Institute, Dr. Gordon is able to reach hundreds of people each year who are seeking alternatives to the toxic solutions they have been offered by traditional cancer treatments. In an effort to maintain his ongoing education, Dr. Gordon created F.A.C.T., a Forum on Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapies. This forum is for professionals only and provides a platform from which they can freely discuss alternative medicine therapies and seek solutions to their questions. FACT currently has over 4,000 members in 68 countries and is continually growing.

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