Please make plans to LIVE A LOT LONGER THAN YOU THOUGHT POSSIBLE – I have found a NEW KEY ANTI-AGING strategy most can afford and all will love.

h2 water
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-allergy
  • May help lower blood pressure
  • Converts radicals to water – no toxic byproduct
  • Stabilizes cholesterol levels
  • Improves skin and wrinkle disorders
  • Prevents decline in cognitive capacity
  • Neuroprotective
  • Protects against radiation damage
  • Supports glucose homeostasis
  • Supports cognitive function
  • Prevents premature cell death
  • Helps ameliorate gastrointestinal disorders

I have stumbled onto something that is VERY BASIC, GATOR AID for the WORLD ! is FAR MORE powerful than  MOLECULAR HYDROGEN alone many of you do not live where 500 ml bottles of H2 water can be shipped affordably.

If you  LIVE where you can get this powerful ANTI-AGING, DETOXING, ENERGY DRINK,  you owe it to yourself to spend $3  a bottle and get  1 or 2 cases for $45 or$90  (a case  is 15- 500 ml  bottles)

If you fail to try this now, the day will come YOU will feel very foolish.  I do not push you this hard unless I KNOW and I HAVE ALL THE FACTS.

This simple bottle of water will do more for your health  for less cost than any other single thing I know of.

I have told you several times over the past few weeks and I told you what it was doing for MY HEALTH, and since then it has JUST gotten better and better

I  could go on and on with all the things it is doing to MAKE FEEL SO good it should NOT be legal.

Clinical studies substantiate these benefits of drinking Hydrogen Enriched Water

This is NOT MARIJUANA  but because of my work in CANCER  and the published 60+  5 year survival now  proven in all forms of stage 4 cancer, I will be educating you on that too, but we will get to that LATER.

First I have to help you and your families and patients learn ABOUT bottles of H2 water costing $3 + shipping,  that COULD make you more money than you make in your practice, and you will need that since with this

Water, you  will keep getting younger like I am enjoying, so we need to improve not just your health but your finances too

I turned 81  this month  ME the HEALTHIEST I  have been in years

I venture to say that 90% of you never looked at the LINK to a great ad about MOLECULAR HYDROGEN by KEITH SCOTT MUMBY, I sent you . THAT ad will help you learn in a few minutes how EXCITING this all is.

THE SCIENCE is exploding with over 500 peer reviewed papers in just the past 6 years, showing molecular hydrogen can favorably influence almost disease. See molecularhydrogenfoundation. org  to see all of those

References organized by disease.  So once you look at the ad  by going to this link   http://www.alternative-  you will be motivated enough to want to BUY some of the PRODUCT

And I  have used those tablets successfully for a long time and Dr JULIAN WHITAKER has put 10,000 of his patients on those tablets because the SCIENCE IS  that SOLID. ( like for VITAMIN C) – H2 can help everything

But a company was working with the MOLECULAR HYDROGEN and they stumbled on the fact that yes H2  makes ALL OTHER TREATMENTS WORK BETTER, that is in the literature, but they would up putting some of the nutrients like B3 and B6 etc. into the special bottle they designed to prevent the molecular hydrogen from escaping and they did that under pressure.  SOMEHOW, that has caused the H2 to adsorb onto some of the nutrients they included in this great tasting  HEALTH BEVERAGE FOR ALL AGES, particularly however for children and athletes they had targeted in their minds in making this bottled water beverage.

SOMEHOW some of  those nutrients have become far more active than we normally notice when taking B3, even as NAD, or B-6 or  the  Erythritol   they include so children at ALL ages would GET THE MOLECULAR HYDROGEN THAT all these published studies PROVE will help so many conditions, from AUTISM AND ADHD to CANCER etc.  BUT for some reason, we are working on further delineating,  the MOLECULAR HYDROGEN  SUPPLEMENTS That research proves we should all be taking, never  provided STRONG CLINIC results as WE are seeing FROM EVERYONE USING THIS WATER based delivery system, clinical results are so DRAMATIC

That YOU will feel very sorry if YOU DO NOT ORDER SOME AND TRY SOME on your mom and your family and yourself and a few TOUGH PATIENTS.  We HAVE SEEN MS  get out of wheel chair and all sorts of pain, even diabetic neuropathy abate in days and every  sort of ARTHRITIS AND the list goes on- so why not spend $100 and get 30 bottles  and see WHAT YOU LEARN

Many of us are  not  impressed by the $7.50 “commission”   the company pays you for  every  15 bottles sold. But every name you sign up is UNDER YOU and one of them might  tell a health food store about the product or a school, and that can be under you  too.

I have one FACT DOCTOR that has REALIZED THAT SINCE SO MANY PATIENTS LOVED THE WATER, he would save them some of the normal $1+  per BOTTLE shipping cost and he is ordering this water from TEXAS to his office by the PALLET, which happens to supply 2100 bottles of this LIFE GIVING FLUID. Those bottles will fly out of his office and soon he will need another pallet.  IF you have this you will share it with everyone!

NOW HE REALIZED that if 140 of his patients want to TAKE one bottle a day for a month, all 2100 bottles are gone and THE COMPANY is sending him $1050  – that is what $7.50 per 15 bottle case adds  up to

HE HAS one big  family alone that has grandparents and children adding up to 10 people  all wanting  THEIR ONE BOTTLE A DAY . SOME WANT MORE particularly all athletes that want to set new records for themselves

He expects many of those 140 patients will mention how good THEY ARE FEELING since getting the water and they will share the news with friend and family  HE is sure that   within  a year he can have 1400 a month all  taking a bottle a day and he will be receiving his $10,500  every month for  many years to come.

ONE doctor is showing this to the local ATHLETIC TEAMS and that will take off fast, as the SCIENCE is there with Just the published  MOLECULAR HYDROGEN RESEARCH

But NOW WITH, people FEEL THE DIFFERENCE within a few days and they do not need to READ all the research.  JUST MY SLEEPING 4+ hour without needing trip to the bathroom at night is the  worth the cost if it did NOTHING ELSE, as I WENT EVERY hour for over  30 years!  BUT TO ALSO BE ABLE TO STAND UP STRAIGHT and HAVE NO BACK PAIN!   THAT too is another miracle. But   riding my bike up steep hills without trouble after years of  having severe exertional Dyspnea, this all starts to add up to a NEW YOUNGER ME. MEMORY IMPROVEMENTS, ENERGY increases, reduction in pain.

The list goes on and on, as though the scientists are right we ALL NEED MORE MOLECULAR HYDROGEN. I have spoken to a FEW FACT MEMBERS who saw my earlier emails on and have been using it

IT IS THRILLING TO LISTEN TO  EVERYONE I CONTACTED And they all encouraged me to mention their names and tell a little about the results THEY are seeing. I will plan to do that but I HAVE AS USUAL become so VERBIOSE already,  I will postpone further information for another time.

I am quite sure that if you all get a few bottles and START DRINKING one or even two a day for  a while, YOU WILL BE WANTING TO KNOW MUCH MORE! YOU will KNOW I am on to something REALLY BIG and  I dare not go further at this time without YOU doing YOUR work. READ THE link above so you see a very good AD for PURATIVE Active h2 TABLETS. You WILL WANT TO ORDER SOME OF THOSE TOO BECAUSE  ONCE YOU GO TO THE link And READ THE Dr KEITH SCOTT- MUMBY ad  you will want to get those tablets for people that ordering some bottles of water shipped to them  is just too much bother. That is why I believe many of you once YOU feel anything like WHAT I AND many others reporting,  you too will save shipping money and order 2100 bottles at a time as the single bottles are $1 or more per bottle to ship and the 2100 ships for $200 or so thus PEOPLE will want to COME to YOUR Facility to GET THEIR  H2 water supplies for themselves AND SOON they will be back to order it for their older parents or their problem children. I REPEAT MOLECULAR HYDROGEN WARRANTES  YOU GIVING THIS TO EVERYONE.  THE reason I am so excited about the BOTTLES OF HYDROGEN WATER is because the NUTRIENTS IN THE BOTTLE WITH THE HYDROGEN IN THE BOTTLE UNDER PRESSURE have formed some synergistic substance  that makes MOST PEOPLE function better than they have  in MANY  WAYS!   Try it-  to order you need to put in a CODE AND THE provides a 10% first time discount if you use

GarryGordon10 as that code.

Or, use the FORM below and we’ll get you in touch with the right people…

How it Works

There are over 400 scientific publications, including 30+ human studies that show molecular hydrogen to be therapeutic in essentially every organ of the human body and in over 140 different human disease models. Many of these scientific articles are published in top high-impact factor peer reviewed journales like Nature and Science. Some of the top Universities around the world are researching this hydrogen’s therapeutic potential; such as, Nagoya University in Japan, Loma Linda University in California, The Forsyth Institute in Boston MA, the University of Pittsburg Medical Center in Pennsylvania, and many other respected places. Even NASA is researching hydrogen water to protect their astronauts from radiation during space travel